GKPB Jemaat 'Pniel' , Blimbingasari

GKPB Jemaat 'Pniel' , Blimbingasari

In 1939 the founders of Blimbingsari believed in when they were exiled from Bali and settled upon a haunted and untamed jungle. Against all odds, what was once believed to be an uninhabitable and deadly jungle became the permanent settlement for the Balinese Christians of Blimbingsari, with numerous houses and a 20-acre wide church that's adorned with Bali's architectural character.

In 1971 after an earthquake, the church was rebuilt and remodeled to look like a Balinese temple, earning the nickname “Pura Gereja” or The Temple of Church, and gaining recognition from the World Church Council as one of the most unique churches of the world.

The church, with its weathered stone walls and graceful architecture, exudes a sense of reverence and serenity. Its ancient charm evokes a connection to the roots of Christianity in the village, making it a cherished site for the local community.

Entering the church, the interior is adorned with religious artwork, sacred symbols, and relics all around the wall, each with its own story to tell.

Travel time: walking distance 3 minutes

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