Mount IJEN The UNESCO Global Geopark

Sunrise Trekking to Mount Ijen. IJEN is UNESCO Global Geopark, located in Banyuwangi, East Java, a stratovolcano

GKPB Jemaat 'Pniel' , Blimbingasari

In 1939 the founders of Blimbingsari believed in when they were exiled from Bali and settled upon a haunted and untamed

Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church

This is the first Catholic church in Bali. This building has been a silent witness to the spread of Catholicism on the

Goa Maria Palasari, Bali

Maria Palasari Cave is not far from Sacred Heart of Jesus Church Palasari. In Palasari village, the majority of the

Grojogan Waterfall

Leveled natural water fountain cascading down a series of level. Take refreshing dip in the pure, chilled waters, the

Menjangan Island Diving & Snorkeling Spot

Menjangan island is part of West Bali National Park, one can expect to come close to the magnificence of Indonesian

Trekking or Bird Watching

Our backyard is surrounded by lush rainforests of protected area West Bali National Park, a hidden gem of natural

Palasari Reservoir Bali

Palasari Reservoir Bali offers a view of tranquil and beautiful scene with backdrop setting of trees and green foliage,

Relaxing Stroll

Blimbingsari Village has a unique culture, it is one of the few Bali villages whose majority of the residents is

Visit Orphanage

Just across the road, take the opportunity to visit Widya Asih Orphanage for children 0 - 12 years old. On January 2023

Sunday Church

Attending the Sunday church service at the oldest heritage church of Blimbingsari Village is an extraordinary

Practice Gamelan

Gamelan is the traditional instruments commonly played in many rituals. Join the women of the village to practice
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